World-class support for every user on any platform

24/7 Support Services

GlenFlow provides complete multilateral support on a 24/7 basis, including:

Secure Cloud Environment Configuration

  • Review of existing cloud environment, verification of system components, status checks
  • Additional security software installation
  • Configure cloud environment to SOC 2 and ISO 270001 security standards

24/7 Monitoring

  • Server and inftrastructure monitoring to ensure security and business continuity
  • Continuous virus, malware and rootkit scanning
  • Real-time network performance monitoring and diagnostics

24/7 IT Support

  • Application resource optimization
  • Connectivity and Email Troubleshooting
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting

Backup & Recovery

  • Configurable full and incremental backups
  • Server data safety procedures and backup system based on 99.999999% storage durability
  • Backup validation during data restoration testing

Security & Compliance

GlenFlow provides comprehensive IT Security and Compliance services, including:

IT & Security Reviews

  • Weekly IT Environment reviews
  • Monthly deep server and logs reviews, security scans, updates and software patching
  • Immediate response with vulnerability remediation actions

Compliance Verification
and Support

  • Infrastructure, Process Control and Security Measure analysis
  • Initial risk assessment, audit checklists
  • Penetration testing

Security Alerts and
Event Notification

  • 24/7/365 timely response against all infrastructure intrusion attempts
  • Security Alerts (security breach, malware infection, etc.)
  • Servers and Services Monitoring Alerts and Remediation

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