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GlenFlow is an innovation agency and venture studio that develops and commercializes exceptional ideas and revolutionary products for both early-stage startups and established companies alike.

We provide our clients with the precise solutions for success through our world-class team of experts, engineers, advisors, and industry leaders.

Embracing the Future

As cutting-edge technologies emerge, they present businesses with incredible opportunities and formidable challenges that demand continuous innovation to surmount.

GlenFlow is your partner in developing and commercializing exceptional ideas and products. Our diverse team of experts, engineers, advisors, and industry leaders have experience working across various industries, crafting world-class solutions in fields such as insurance, medical technology, entertainment, and social media. We’ve partnered with local startups and global S&P organizations alike, all of whom trust our award-winning expertise, unwavering commitment to quality, and exceptional product support.

We Build
Great Products

Our team at GlenFlow is dedicated to designing user-focused and aesthetically pleasing products, complete with efficient construction and management tools. From frontend to backend, we create robust solutions that look fantastic and perform seamlessly.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Attractive
  • User-Centric
  • Dependable
  • Scalable
  • Secure

An eye-catching design is essential for any successful product. Our designers excel at crafting sleek, visually appealing platforms for web and mobile devices, ensuring your product captures the attention it deserves.

Delivering a fast, responsive experience is crucial to any product's success. With thousands of unique users relying on our solutions daily, we place user-focused design at the heart of every project we undertake.

Our team embraces an Agile development methodology, enabling us to deliver reliable, high-quality projects on schedule. We stand by the products we create and offer support for as long as you use them, ensuring accountability well beyond your launch date.

In software development, scalability is paramount. Our technical architecture accommodates organic expansion in capabilities, performance, and user base, catering to clients of all sizes—from global S&P 500 corporations to the leanest of startups.

In today's fast-paced world, secure product development and support are essential. Our platforms adhere to the strictest IT security standards, incorporating frequent internal security audits, secure data storage, and more.

Supporting the
Full Product Lifecycle

At GlenFlow, development is just the beginning. We provide a comprehensive range of support and technology services to build and manage a successful product. Our dedicated support staff is available 24/7, ensuring you receive the assistance you need long after your product’s launch. Our unparalleled level of support, quality, and care goes beyond development, resulting in highly satisfied clients.

Our Services

Business Analysis
& Planning
IT & Cloud
Graphic Design
for Web & Mobile
Software Design
& Development
Deployment &
Quality Assurance
Security &
IT Support
Hardware &
Embedded Development
Compliance &


I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Olek Shestakov and his team on many projects over the course of more than 8 years. Their hard work and dedication have always ensured that each one was hugely successful. This is why I chose GlenFlow for my latest project, CmySkills. With excellent communication, great platform functionality input, and unparalleled flexibility, Olek and the GlenFlow team helped build my startup into a quality product that my investors and I are incredibly proud of. I heartily recommend the Glenfow team for the success of your next project.
Jim Porcari
CEO, CmySkills
GlenFlow served as Promogo's full development arm and built our entire platform from the first line of code, with Olek Shestakov as our fractional CTO. A compelling reason for me to join Promogo was because of Olek and his team's exceptional work and commitment to the success of the company. They provided a quality product, priced right, and their team was agile and responsive to our requirements. Glenflow operates globally with offices in the US and Europe, which served us well as a "Hybrid Outsourcing" solution for our less-technical founding team. I consider Glenflow a trusted partner, with expertise and guidance that would benefit any level enterprise.
Joe Sanchez
COO, Promogo
As an early stage start up closing our first cohort of enterprise agreements, we were in need of certain technical documentation to get our flagship deals off the ground. We were introduced to GlenFlow through a trusted advisor and since the initial introduction our entire experience working with the team has been exceptional. From day one they set us up for success and have been a trusted partner as we've taken our new technology platform to market. In addition to satisfying our documentation requirements, they have also provided valuable guidance along the way, including making strong commercial introductions. Their founder-friendly approach sets them apart as they blend their senior technical expertise with a savvy entrepreneurial approach. GlenFlow is a true value-add partner no matter what stage your company is in.
Nick Iovacchini
CEO & Co-founder, KettleSpace
We are very happy with the work that Olek Shestakov and his team have done for us. They are consistently meticulous in their analysis and planning, and great at meeting deadlines and sticking to the agreed schedule. Our platform requirements are wide-ranging, covering everything from AI to physical hardware development: Olek’s crew is always capable and willing to take on any task and work with our needs to accomplish our goals.
Haytham Albizem
President and CEO, Monitor Health
We have been working with Olek and his team for 5+ years, developing industry (highway construction) specific software that is providing efficiencies we never thought were attainable. Our project development didn’t start with GlenFlow, but after our initial developer randomly quit two years into the project, Olek and his team were willing and eager to continue the evolution of our vision. The team at GlenFlow is loaded with innovative & passionate professionals that have made the development of our software a pleasurable experience. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Olek and his team on our current and future projects.
David W. Lamont
President, 3208 Technology, Inc.
Olek and his team were able to jump in very quickly and seamlessly to help us organize a robust security policy to have conversations with larger enterprise prospects. The flexibility and urgency from the Glenflow team was greatly appreciated providing us with a great deliverable we felt confident with. Very professional and friendly team to work with.
Fady Hawatmeh
CEO, ClockWork.AI
I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Alex Aprelev for almost 20 years. His encyclopedic knowledge of physics allows him to be very flexible in the development of a wide variety of instruments. Dr. Aprelev assisted my group in a variety of projects and has been an asset in getting them off of the ground in their initial stages. He can always be relied upon to come up with an economic solution which can be realized within a reasonable time frame and cost. It has been a great pleasure working with him.
Kostya Kornev
Professor at Clemson University
Igor Nepochatov has done great work for us as an Fractional Chief Information Officer for IT Infrastructure and Security / Support. His specialized skills in IT Solutions are exceptional, and his expertise was a great asset to our company during an important time. His assistance was vital to our day-to-day operations. We can always count on Igor to find unique solutions to whatever challenges we have tasked him with. He always does a fantastic job, is meticulous in his work, and collaborates well with our team.
Omar Khanataev
CEO, AmeriBest
Olek Shestakov is serving as CTO and Head of Product Development for Pollen and has been integral to our company since his first day. He is always willing to take the extra step and extra time to make sure our platform is state-of-the-art and user-friendly. His work keeps us on the cutting edge of the market and looking forward to upcoming tech advances that Pollen can implement. His efforts have been a major factor in helping us remain an industry-leading organization.
Spencer Kieboom
CEO, Pollen Technologies
Alex Aprelev’s work has been a great help to our company. He is knowledgeable, kind, resourceful, and incredibly smart. His consultation has been a substantial benefit in bringing multiple projects to fruition. He’s a great engineering scientist that can immerse himself in complex problems and solve them quickly and precisely.
Bernardo Cordovez
CEO, Halo Labs

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