Principals and Advisors

Olek Shestakov

Founder, Executive Advisor

Product, Sales, Partnership Strategies

“As an entrepreneur who’s brought two SaaS companies to successful exits (one as a technologist and the second as a business leader), I know how difficult it is to grow your enterprise. My mission is to help CEOs & their teams lead organizations to higher levels of achievement.”

Mark Brenner

Executive Advisor

Business and M&A Strategies

“My mission is to help founders and their investors get a return on their hard sacrifice. Having founded four companies and assisting over 75 companies to funding and exits, I can leverage my experience and network to achieve outcomes.”

Sarah Davis

Executive Advisor

Market Analysis and Customer Validation

“My driving force is guiding businesses towards genuine product-market fit, ensuring they don’t just survive but excel in their sectors.”

Alex Aprelev

Executive Advisor

Hardware Development and Prototyping

“I love working with engineers and product managers helping them cross patches of rough terrain. I believe the people with the broad technical expertise can accelerate R&D dramatically by connecting best approaches from different fields.”

Lena Levine

Executive Advisor

Product Strategy and UX/UI Design

“My goal is not just to build beautiful apps, but the apps that customers use and keep returning to. I’ve helped companies go from good to great by aligning their app functionality with true user needs.”

Igor Nepochatov

Executive Advisor

Enterprise Security and Support

“I strongly believe that improving the quality of life is the ultimate purpose behind the technology. I strive to develop solutions that are as simple as possible, but not simpler than necessary.”

Executive Team

Alena Zamura

Head of Global HR

As Head of HR, Alena Zamura, brings over 20 years of Human Resources expertise to the GlenFlow team. Her strong background in strategic HR, policy development, and performance management has been instrumental in leading our operations worldwide for the past four years. Alena is a driving force behind day-to-day operations, helping build and manage our exceptional teams.

Arina Polyakov

Head of Finance and Operations

With 17 years in the industry, Arina Polyakov has spent the last seven years heading up finances for our group of companies as VP of Finance and Operations. She ensures smooth operation at every step of the financial process by directing financial planning, monitoring operational efficiency, ensuring M&A and compliance, and overseeing funding distribution for all of our teams, clients, and partners. 

Eugene Boyko

Head of Engineering

Eugene Boyko, our Head of Engineering, has an impressive track record of creating exceptional platforms, leading development teams, and executing numerous projects during his five-year tenure with our group. With 15+ years of software development experience, Eugene enriches our team with his knowledge of high-availability services, AI, microservices architecture, and database systems.

Artem Rubanov

Head of Cloud Infrastructure and IT Security

With over 15 years of industry experience, including 8 years contributing to our group, Artem Rubanov is a key leader in Enterprise Security, Cloud Infrastructure, and IT Auditing. He is the driving force behind our scalable, secure, and reliable cloud solutions, fortifying the GlenFlow team with his unparalleled expertise and ensuring ongoing enhancement of our best practices and solutions for global clients.

Loden Cullar-Ledford

Head of Marketing

Loden Cullar-Ledford brings his unique background of working with more than a half-dozen fast-growing companies to GlenFlow, having spent over five years strengthening our brand and strategy. His substantial knowledge of Marketing and ability to create diverse, efficient, and client-facing materials, make him a key leader in our worldwide branding and communications.

Chaucer Park

Head of Customer Success

Chaucer Park, GlenFlow’s Head of Customer Success, has spent over 15 years providing world-class support and fostering synergy within global businesses and partnerships. His ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every level, rooted in a deep understanding of GlenFlow’s industries and operations, is key to the satisfaction and success of our clients and partners.

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GlenFlow is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and operates out of the historic Constitution Place building next to the Independence Hall. Located right in the heart of Center City, GlenFlow continues Philadelphia’s long history of entrepreneurial spirit.

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