Innovation Driven by AI

At GlenFlow, we empower businesses through AI and Machine Learning - harnessing these technologies to both develop our own products and startups and to support a wide variety of other industries, businesses, and operations.

Extensive Skills & Expertise

With over a decade of hands-on experience with AI and Machine Learning, our team is passionate and dedicated to designing, implementing, and refining AI-driven solutions; enriching all of our platforms and services with the dynamic capabilities of today's best AI services.

AI-based Platforms

We've developed AI-based platforms tailored to support many different business needs across multiple industries, harnessing the power of AI to deliver better user experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and drive business growth in everything from insurance to healthcare.

AI for Productivity & Expert Systems

We leverage AI to build expert systems that provide significant boosts to productivity. Our solutions help automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and generate value-added insights that free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Text & Media Analytics

Our expertise with text and media analytics and Large Language Models like ChatGPT enables us to analyze and extract vast amounts of data for sentiment analysis, data evaluation, and more - helping our clients to make better data-driven decisions with less time and effort. 

Success Stories

GlenFlow is more than just a service provider - we're a team of creators and innovators who use AI and Intelligent Automation at the foundation of our products, services, and operations on a daily basis. 

We leverage our knowledge and experience to bring the benefits of AI to every project that we deliver for our clients, supporting and enhancing their solutions across industries ranging from healthcare and insurance, to finance and entertainment.

Pioneering 24/7 ECG monitoring with real-time AI analysis

Revolutionary OEC Blood Testing instrument and data analytics

Intelligent 3D object measurements during live video documentation of insurance claims

Automated crypto trading platform through AI market trend analysis

Additionally, we’ve worked on dozens of other projects to deploy AI-enabled services, Big Data analytics, and other intelligent workflows that deliver comprehensive, value-added services to our network of partners and clients.

The ScaleFlow Suite

With the exploding popularity of AI and machine learning for everyday business, many of our clients and partners are eager to find and implement the best AI solutions to enhance their products and services.

That’s why we created ScaleFlow, our flagship suite of services that exemplifies our ethos as a venture studio. ScaleFlow provides centralized access to advanced AI tools, streamlines platform development and code generation, and offers comprehensive developer education to foster productivity and ease the integration of AI into any business. 

More than just a tool for our clients

ScaleFlow is a system that our team uses every single day as the backbone of our own internal development.

ScaleFlow Jumpstart

Your Rapid AI Prototyping Platform

Streamline your path to AI integration with ScaleFlow Jumpstart, our Rapid AI Piloting Platform. It pairs the powerful ScaleFlow Engine with a user-friendly frontend that simplifies the development of AI pilots. Pre-integrated with multiple AI systems, it’s designed for rapid set-up, configuration, and updates, accelerating your AI implementation journey.

Use Case

AI Marketing Optimization Platform

Our client wanted to build a SaaS platform for optimizing and enhancing marketing campaigns using AI-based analysis and recommendation. With ScaleFlow Jumpstart, the full scope of the MVP can be designed and released within weeks instead of months. 

ScaleFlow Engine

Proprietary AI Processing Toolkit

Harness the power of AI without costly and complex setup with ScaleFlow Engine. This AI Processing Toolkit integrates the capabilities of ChatGPT and other leading AI tools and market solutions. Using smart design and a host of AI best practices it improves and enhances queries, prompts, and other inputs; delivering superior results compared to standalone AI tools.

ScaleFlow Liftoff

Enhanced Platform Generation Engine

ScaleFlow Liftoff is our Platform Generation Engine, enabling direct translation of basic configurable requirements into robust platform code. This proprietary system transforms vision into a reality with unprecedented ease and speed.

ScaleFlow Flightplan

AI Productivity Platform for Engineers

Elevate the skills and productivity of any software engineering team with ScaleFlow Flightplan, our comprehensive AI Productivity Platform. This intuitive online academy educates engineers on how to leverage AI for optimal efficiency and success through strategic recommendations and support at every stage of the development lifecycle. Flightplan puts the “Rocket Science” of AI into a digestible format that boosts developer productivity and turns AI into a vital ally in their everyday tasks.

Skillset checklist

Self-assessment tool for evaluating key AI-related software engineering skills.

AI methodology

Enhanced framework for improving software engineering processes with AI techniques.

AI recommendation

Identifies optimal applications for AI based on project requirements and user preferences.

Developer productivity toolkit

Integrated suite of developer tools for streamlining and enhancing development workflows.

Continuous learning resources

Developer-oriented training and learning materials on the latest AI advancements and best practices.


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GlenFlow is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and operates out of the historic Constitution Place building next to the Independence Hall. Located right in the heart of Center City, GlenFlow continues Philadelphia’s long history of entrepreneurial spirit.

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