GlenFlow is a business advisory organization specializing in information technology. We help design conceptual architecture and roadmaps, providing precise solutions and enabling necessary resources to adapt and move forward.

We promote harmony of innovation

As entrepreneurs who formed and partnered with many companies and startups over the past 25 years, we know the path to success and understand the pains that many growing organizations endure.

Since Day 1, our reason for existing has been to create a harmony of innovation - for entrepreneurs, for enterprises, and for our planet. We do this by constantly collaborating with our clients and partners to build secure, scalable products that enable better communications in today’s digital world.

We support all Industries from Insurance to Healthcare

Effective, efficient, and ethical; building sound technology solutions is in our DNA. Whether setting up new processes or improving existing ones, we aim to improve sustainability for startups, established businesses, enterprises.

With over 50 employees today, our team has worked on projects that span a wide variety of industries and verticals, building world-class platforms in everything from insurance and services to social media and medical technology.


Mission and Vision

We created GlenFlow to give back to the community; we love sharing the mistakes we’ve made and solutions we’ve found. We dedicate ourselves to help fellow entrepreneurs, technologists, business executives, and product managers to find the shortest path to success and overcome any challenges along the way.

Our mission lies in simplifying and improving everyday life for our clients, solving problems through interactive communication enabled by innovative technology. No matter the size of an organization, GlenFlow members strive to advance companies, help people, and make a positive impact on the environment.

How our name was created

GLEN /ɡlen/ n. a narrow valley surrounded by mountains.
FLOW /floʊ/ v. action of moving in a steady, continuous stream.

Joined together, we believe these words, and concepts, encapsul the mission of our company. Our founders love nature and hiking, and they have always been fascinated by how a stream seamlessly finds its way through a mountain pass. In business, we believe that there is a path and a flow to every obstacle. Hence the name: GlenFlow. Through expertise, strategic thinking and determination, we make sure to always end up in the right place. And like the rivers that run through valleys and mountains, we are always moving forward.

GlenFlow Advisors

Olek Shestakov

Founder, Executive Advisor,
Product Development

  • Principal Architecture
  • Product Management
  • Development Process
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Big Data and AI
  • Enterprise Security

“As an entrepreneur who’s brought two SaaS companies to successful exits (one as a technologist and the second as a business leader), I know how difficult it is to grow your enterprise. My mission is to help CEOs & their teams lead organizations to higher levels of achievement.”

Igor Nepochatov

Executive Advisor,
IT Security & Support

  • Network Architecture
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • IT Support Systems
  • Enterprise Security
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Certification & Compliance

“I strongly believe that improving the quality of life is the ultimate purpose behind the technology. I strive to develop solutions that are as simple as possible, but not simpler than necessary.”

Alex Aprelev

Executive Advisor,
Hardware Development

  • Hardware Engineering
  • Embedded Development
  • Wearables and IoT
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Experimental Physics
  • Human Studies, Biophysics

“I love working with engineers and product managers helping them cross patches of rough terrain. I believe the people with the broad technical expertise can accelerate R&D dramatically by connecting best approaches from different fields.”

Jeff Limberg

Executive Advisor,
Product Partnerships

  • UI / UX Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Commercialization
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Investment Strategy

“I focus on helping filter the complexities of software into easily digestible and understandable business solutions. I love diving in early to help craft a vision and plan that brings a product to market that will excite your audience.”

Engineering Team

GlenFlow’s outstanding Software Team includes brilliant developers, managers, business analysts, architects, testers, and IT security engineers. Most of our teammates graduated from top European and US universities with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. We are passionate about collaborating, exchanging ideas, and brainstorming new solutions. Our team loves creating new Cloud and SaaS Products, Mobile Applications, and Artificial Intelligence platforms. We are proud of the products we’ve built and the startups / mature companies we’ve helped along the way.

Engineering Team

GlenFlow’s talented and hard-working hardware and firmware engineers are always thrilled to create new physical devices that help improve our everyday life. Our expertise comes from our teammates who have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in physics and mechanical engineering, combined with decades of practical experience. GlenFlow developers enjoy designing new products and solutions at our well-equipped hardware labs in Europe and the US. We love our customers, and are excited about creating samples and prototypes, and refining them into mature released products.

Connect with Us


GlenFlow is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and operates out of the historic Constitution Place building next to the Independence Hall. Located right in the heart of Center City, GlenFlow continues Philadelphia’s long history of entrepreneurial spirit.

GlenFlow Inc

325 Chestnut Street, Suite 800
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Email: contact@glenflow.com
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